Scenic Spot Introduction

Weiran Flower Sea Introduction
Weiran Flower Sea located in No.8 Flower Sea Road, Tonganyi Street, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, China. The I phase project covers an area of 1,200 mu. It takes urban agricultural sightseeing tourism as a point of penetration and uses ecological flowers as a sightseeing theme, with characteristic tree planting to create a large-scale ecology landscape. This project has built further cooperation with a series of colleges and communities such as Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Independent Music Community, Western Pottery Base,etc to form the symbol of four leisure tourism industries as following: flowers and plants landscape, cultural performance appreciation, special manual experience and sports and leisure entertainments. The Weiran Flower Sea is not only the key agricultural project in Chengdu, but also the ecological migration and the first and tertiary interactive base. It earns the title of top 50 leisure agriculture rural tourism, Chengdu musical industrial model base, and 3A national tourist attractions which passes the 3A scenic spot resource evaluation on Aug 2017.

Location Advantage
Weiran Flower Sea is located on the edge of Longquan National Forest Park and on the south side of Luodai Ancient Town. East to the city ring, west to Checheng Avenue. From south to the west of the dongfengqu and next to the chenganyu highway(Luodai exit of Chenganyu highway is located in front of the attraction’s gate), north to the Luoshui Wetland and Chengluo Avenue. It possesses remarkable regional advantage and the transportation is very convenient for every visitor. The distance is about 20 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu. The Weiran Flower Sea has received more than 900,000 visitors since its opening in November 2015. As a result, it not only colors the ecological tourism in Longquanyi District but gradually becomes a beautiful business card for our district to gather popularity in foreign exchange.

Basic Direction of Weiran Flower Sea: Ecology+Culture+Fashion
Ecological Aspect: The main theme of the scenic area is grass, trees and flowers, depending on diverse species, large-scale and gorgeous flowers all year around especially space flower as a brand. Comparing with the traditional special season flower, the ornamental cycle of space flowers are longer and more valuable. Since from Oct 2016, Weiran Flower Sea cooperated with Space Breeding Technology Industry Demonstration Center to plant space flowers with large-scale and build the space flower theme park. In the meanwhile, by space flowers breeding and greenhouse showing, it gradually build up the planting database of space flower. Now the Weiran Flower Sea, has become the largest sightseeing base in Chengdu and the biggest scale of sightseeing area of annual space flower planting in Szechwan. In order to bring more happiness to visitors, Weiran Flower Sea designed tremendous entertainments such as flower science museum, children's amusement park, RV camp with over 100 parking spaces, International circus performance, pottery studio,etc. In addition, the new project of Nepal cultural center are tightening up their constructing rate. This project is a cooperative sample between China and Nepal tourism. Once it completed, it will provide wonderful experience of leisure and healthy services.

Future Plan:
The acre of the II phase project of Weiran Flower Sea will take up 7000um. It has contracted with the district government to build up Formula 3 track, vehicle exhibition venue, vintage car museum and other projects. In this way, the Weiran Flower Sea is going to shape three themes of flower, music and automobile step by step.